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The 5th Quarter - Should Players Be Expected to Take Pain Meds to Mask Injuries

The 5th Quarter - Should Players Be Expected to Take Pain Meds to Mask Injuries

The 5th Quarter Tim Doyle and Teddy Greenstein debate if college players should be expected to take pain medicine to mask injuries.
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WWE Monday Night Raw - The Barrett Barrage Is Coming

WWE Monday Night Raw - The Barrett Barrage Is Coming

WWE Monday Night Raw Wade Barrett looks to inflict pain upon his return to WWE.
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Back Pain Do's and Don'ts

Back Pain Do's and Don'ts

Back pain is something that many of us experience- in fact, it's the second most common complaint cited in doctor's offices. It is estimated that 80% of Americans will suffer at least one episode of back pain in their lifetime, and it's been reported that in 2010 alone Americans spent nearly billion dollars on the treatment of back pain. Although there are many causes of back pain, there are some common things you may be doing in your workout that may be contributing to an already aching back. Join ACE's Jessica Matthews as she reveals some exercise Do's and Don'ts for exercisers experiencing back pain.
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Fitness - Sexy Pain Train Workout

Fitness - Sexy Pain Train Workout

To follow all of Zuzana's daily home workouts and diet tips visit her fitness blog: http://www.BodyRock.Tv
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How To Stretch For Back Pain: Lower Body Russian Twist

How To Stretch For Back Pain: Lower Body Russian Twist

Relieve back pain with this simple body twist.
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How To Stretch For Back Pain 2: Cat Cow Stretch

How To Stretch For Back Pain 2: Cat Cow Stretch

Relieve back pain with this simple stretch.
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Avoid Back Pain Forever by Training Smart

Avoid Back Pain Forever by Training Smart | Sadly, some popular core strengthening moves might be making your body more susceptible to back injuries. The latest science in the performance training industry points to the following exercises (seen in this Performance Tip) that provide the right mix of strengthening for your core and back, and send BIG caution signs for those who are not cutting back on potentially harmful reps.
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Ten Minute Workout with Fitness Ball

Ten Minute Workout with Fitness Ball

Personal Trainer Donna Hutchinson demonstrates a 10 minute workout routine using only a fitness ball
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THE PSOAS: Low Back Pain, Lumbar Curve and Pelvic Tilt Relationships

THE PSOAS: Low Back Pain, Lumbar Curve and Pelvic Tilt Relationships

CHEK L.3, Holistic Life Style Coach and Neuro-Muscular Therapist, Sam Visnic, gives us a peek at the quite possibly the most powerful and problematic <b>muscle</b> in the human body, the Ilio-Psoas. For more of Sam's clips please check him out @ For more about The CHEK Institute please visit
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Best Exercise to Relieve Low Back Pain: Bird Dog (and Variations)

Best Exercise to Relieve Low Back Pain: Bird Dog (and Variations)

Dev Chengkalath: Canada's leading Authority in Human Movement Receive a FREE Bonus at Learn how to reduce low back pain with these easy exercises The Best Exercises to relieve low back pain now! Relieve low back pain with these easy exercises. How to relieve low back pain The secrets to reducing your low back pain Low Back Pain. Reduce Low Back Pain. Relieve Low Back Pain
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Sex: Ease Intercourse Ouchsex

Sex: Ease Intercourse Ouchsex

(Empty description)
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Yoga for Neck Pain

Yoga for Neck Pain

Esther shows you a routine to help to keep the neck flexible and release tensions.
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Exercises to Reduce Back Pain : Exercises for Back Pain Relief: Hug Knees to Chest

Exercises to Reduce Back Pain : Exercises for Back Pain Relief: Hug Knees to Chest

Curl up for your back cure. Learn how to work out lower back by hugging your knees to your chest in this free back pain relief video from a fitness expert.
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Exercises to Reduce Back Pain : Exercises for Back Pain Relief: Cow Cat Stretch

Exercises to Reduce Back Pain : Exercises for Back Pain Relief: Cow Cat Stretch

Simple stretch to strengthen lower back. Learn how to do cow cat exercise to ease lower back pain in this free back pain relief video from a fitness expert. Expert: Kristie LaTray Contact: Bio: Kristie LaTray is the founder of Fit and Fabulous Personal Training. She is a certified personal trainer through World Instructor Training and a member of IDEA Health and Fitness Association. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
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YOGA Routine For Lower Back Pain. With Esther Ekhart

YOGA Routine For Lower Back Pain. With Esther Ekhart

Esther shows you a routine using a towel-roll to help you kick the pain in your lower back.Try it, it really works!
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Hatha Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain - 57 Minutes

Hatha Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain - 57 Minutes presents Michael Riel leading you through a one hour yoga flow designed to release those hard-working neck and shoulder muscles as well as loosening the related muscles and joints through the whole body. This class is designed to decrease headache and shoulder pain as well as increase awareness of how the whole body interrelates. Using twists, strength building postures and backbends, this class will help you bring circulation to your body after a long day. Duration: 57 min
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Bodybuilding - A Lifestyle

Bodybuilding - A Lifestyle

The best bodybuilding workout video ever...
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Bye Bye Back Pain. Fast Effective Workout To Get Rid Of Back Pai

Bye Bye Back Pain. Fast Effective Workout To Get Rid Of Back Pai

This is an easy but effective workout you can do anywhere to help get rid of back pain by making your core stronger. If you want to fer rid of your back pain then this is the workout for you. Brough to you by Carvell Fitness. Make your abs stronger and get a better back fast in just 4 munites doing this workout.
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Understanding Shoulder Pain (Sports Injuries #3)

Understanding Shoulder Pain (Sports Injuries #3)

Shoulder injuries can be devastating to mobility...and your game! Let's look at various types of shoulder pain.Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru:
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Fitness - Pain In The Butt

Fitness - Pain In The Butt

Call today! You have no butt, or too much of it?
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama: Libya attack ?wasn?t just a mob action?

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama appear on the ABC Television show ?The View? in New York (Pablo??President Barack Obama said Monday that the Sept. 11 attack that claimed the life of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans "wasn't just a mob action," but he stopped short of explicitly labeling the assault as an act of terrorism.

Obama's comments came as he taped an interview with "The View" during a brief trip to New York to address the annual United National General Assembly. He had been asked whether the attack on the U.S. Consulate compound in the city of Benghazi was a terrorist act.

"There's no doubt that the kind of weapons that were used, the ongoing assault, that it wasn't just a mob action," the president said. "What's clear is that, around the world, there are still a lot of threats out there." Obama's remarks were collected by pool reporter David Boyer of the Washington Times.

The head of the National Counterterrorism Center has called the attack an act of terrorism. White House spokesman Jay Carney said it's "self-evident" that that is the case. But Obama did not explicitly do so.

Still, his remarks reflected a day-by-day shift in how his administration has described the attack. At first, the White House described it as a spontaneous act resulting from demonstrations against an anti-Islam video on the Internet. That video has led to angry anti-U.S. protests throughout the Muslim world.?Obama noted that, but he underlined that "there's never an excuse for violence." And he said the best response to the video would be to "ignore it"--even though aides said he would discuss the film in his speech to the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday.

The incident has raised questions about whether the slain ambassador, Chris Stevens, should have had more protection. And Republicans led by Mitt Romney have pointed to the demonstrations across the region as a sign that the president has botched his response to the so-called "Arab Spring" uprisings that have swept authoritarian regimes from power.


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Roof Material : The Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roof | Home ...

September 24, 2012 By: admin Category: roofing

standing seam metal roofing system pictures

Metal Roofing Options (Photo credit:

It has been many years that the commercial house uses the standing seam metal roofing. It is a kind of the newest innovation in housing today and you can use in your house since there are many homeowners today who apply this Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems in their house. The standing seam metal roofing install is really effective since it is acceptable and it is also strong enough to support the materials which are used in your roofs. For its incredible ability many homeowners use it as the viable alternative for the homes they have. The metal roofing is today very popular whether in developed or in developing country. Many people use it since it is durable and its weight is not too heavy. Even it can be used for the very large area and you will get warranty for twenty five until fifty years. Since the metal roofing becomes so popular the use of the standing seam metal roofing is become popular too. If you are today planning your house building it is better for you to rent the contractor of metal roofing to estimate the wide and the cost as well as the time it is finished installing. All the planning and estimating will make your house well designed. It will also influence the standing seam metal roofing you will use.



Photo credit:

There are many benefits you can get when you use the standing seam metal roofing. The benefits are different from other roofing. The first benefit you can get when you use this standing seam metal roofing is that you will find it more durable than other roofs. Whatever the standing seam metal roofing color you use it will be able to last longer even though it is exposed by the sunlight and rain. Since it uses the assembly of sliding clip, it can be rigid and in the installing process it can be moved to all direction. The standing seam metal roofing pricing is also affordable. Choosing the standing seam metal roofing for your house is the wise decision.


Standing seam metal roofing contractor

Hiring the Standing seam metal roofing contractor will be effective since you can plan the design of your house in related with the metal roofs you want to install. You can also consider the Standing seam metal roofing cost when you have planned from the beginning. The Standing seam metal roofing manufacturing is full of estimation so you have to choose the right roofs for your new house and if you can not do it you can ask you Standing seam metal roofing contractor.

standing seam metal roofing benefits

Photo credit :

appliance repair Plymouth



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Where Fantasy Sports Athletes Meet To Compete

Many of us who grew up playing sports at one point or another dreamt about playing for our favorite team under the bright lights of our hometown arena. We wore our favorite players jerseys all too often and argued with our parents that our favorite jersey was proper dress attire for formal situations. Many of us lived and breathed our favorite sport with the endless optimism of a youngster and studied our sport as if it were a school subject. We collected cards and memorabilia and decorated our rooms with sports logos and equipment. We wanted to be involved in every element we could of the sport, and we often felt like we could be in charge of our favorite team.

Unfortunately very few of us get to live the dream of wearing our favorite teams jersey as our work uniform, and the reality of life forces us to find a 9-5. While our physical involvement in our favorite sport may fade over time, our passion for it never does. Many of us replace our physical involvement for mental involvement and continue to be students of the game well past our playing days.

Fantasy sport leagues allow us to get back in the competition the way we used to as kids. We get to act as a general manager for our fantasy team and we get to call the shots and make moves in order to win our league. Our knowledge of our sport becomes our sports equipment, a website that hosts our fantasy league becomes our arena, and the up to date standings becomes our scoreboard. Fantasy sports allow us to keep our passion and love of our favorite sport going strong. Its a chance to call the shots and be in control, just like a manager.

While we may not get the recognition of a sold out stadium chanting our name, seeing your name atop the fantasy leader board does call for a moment of prideful reflection. When your friends or work colleagues fall behind you in these standings, well then perhaps some playful bragging may be in order as well. Knowing that you have outsmarted your fellow sports lovers with your savvy decisions and instincts is something to be proud of, especially when there are great prizes to be won! However, when competing against friends or colleagues, many of us will agree the bragging rights far surpass any physical reward we may get.

Its not everyday that you can look your friend and tell them your sports decisions were better than theirs! While this may not seem like a big deal to everyone, those who like to compete know the satisfaction that comes from winning, especially when its against your friends. Its also a fun way to get everyone at work involved in a social experience as well. You never know who may share in your interest of your favorite sport or team. At the end of the day, fantasy sports allows people of all ages and levels of interest to participate in some fun and friendly competition, and with a little experience, you may be ready to take on more involved leagues and new challenges.

About the Author:
Be sure to visit for a variety of online fantasy sports leagues all at one easy to use site. You can also click here to check out their fantasy sports blog for player updates and some great tips.


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Quick Study: Yes, Active Video Games Count as Exercise

The study: Active video games that get kids dancing and boxing may provide significant cardiovascular benefits and calorie burn. A study published online today in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine noted the physiological changes in 18 boys and girls aged 11 to 15. The children played two Kinect games: Dance Central and Kinect Sports Boxing as well as sedentary video games.

During the Dance Central game energy expenditure increased 150 percent over resting rates, and during the boxing game it went up 263 percent. Compared to passive video gaming, the rates were 103 percent and 194 percent higher, respectively. Researchers also saw improvements during the active games in heart rate and peak oxygen uptake, both markers for cardiovascular health.

MORE: Obesity Drops Among Philadelphia: Are Programs Working?

What we already know: Exercise physiologists have had high hopes for active video games ever since they came on the market, believing they might be a great way to get sedentary kids to move. With childhood obesity rates at alarming levels, practically anything that encourages exercise is welcome. Early games however, promoted little activity, and controllers were cumbersome and got in the way.

However, as games evolved they allowed kids to really step it up. A 2011 study in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine journal found that games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Sportwall helped kids burn more calories compared to walking on a treadmill at 3 miles an hour. The advent of controller-less Kinect games (the system uses a webcam-style sensor) allows players to move more freely.

What this means for you: If you want to get your couch-loving kids to move, you might try giving them what they already love: video games. Make sure they?re games that encourage moderate to vigorous exercise?you could even try them yourself.

The study authors wrote that while the results of these games were good, there?s no data to tell if children will still use them several months or even a year down the road. Even if they are,?it?s a good idea to introduce kids to different types of age-appropriate games and workouts that train various muscles and stave off boredom.?

Do you think active video games are a good way for kids to get exercise? Let us know in the comments.

Related Stories on TakePart:

? For the Littlest Couch Potatoes, More TV Could Mean Weaker Legs and Bigger Waists

? BPA and Childhood Obesity Linked, But Questions Remain

? The Fight Against Obesity, Starring Big Government

Jeannine Stein, a California native, wrote about health for the Los Angeles Times. In her pursuit of a healthy lifestyle she has taken countless fitness classes, hiked in Nepal, and has gotten in a boxing ring. Email Jeannine |


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Monday, September 24, 2012

Broken After Battle: Combating Brain-Related Injuries In War (VIDEO)

"After more than a decade of war the U.S. military cannot precisely diagnose concussion-related brain injuries resulting from the bomb blasts that are the most common cause of combat casualties," HuffPost's Pulitzer Prize winning reporter David Wood wrote in a recent article.

And without a precise diagnosis or understanding of traumatic brain injury (TBI), treatment offered mainly consists of rest and reassurance. As a result, thousands of Americans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan over the last decade may have been injured, but were not diagnosed properly. Or at all.

Wood joined HuffPost Live's Alicia Menendez and retired Lieutenant Jason Gladney, Michael Wilmore, Director of Clinical Affairs at the Defense and Veteran Brain Injury Center, and Dr. Jam Ghajar, a neurosurgeon and founder of the Brain Trauma Research Laboratory and the Brain Trauma Foundation to discuss TBI.

Watch the full segment at HuffPost Live.

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Intel reveals Quad-Core, LTE-capable mobile chips are on the way

Intel concedes its Medfield chips dont support LTE  yet

Intel's curious decision to shun the US and release Medfield-powered smartphones in India, China, Russia and the UK might be because of those countries' underdeveloped levels of LTE. Marketing chief Sumeet Syal told TechCrunch that its current-generation x86 system-on-chip won't support the standard, but a modem solution will arrive at the end of the year -- with production ramping up in 2013. He also let slip to the site that a replacement dual-core platform will arrive shortly, claiming they'll benefit from Intel's hyper threading know-how. Syal said that Santa Clara is "comfortable" with its progress just months after entering the smartphone space but declined to discuss numbers -- for which we'll have to wait for the Q3 earnings call in October to find out how well (or not) Intel's mobile ambitions are going.

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Intel reveals Quad-Core, LTE-capable mobile chips are on the way originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 24 Sep 2012 07:50:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

California makes it easier to obtain birth control

By Eric W. Dolan
Sunday, September 23, 2012 13:34 EDT


California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) on Saturday signed into law a bill that makes it easier for women to obtain hormonal contraceptives.

?At a time when some seek to turn back the clock and restrict women?s health choices, California is expanding access to birth control and reaffirming every woman?s basic Constitutional rights,? Brown said.

The new law allows registered nurses, nurse practitioners and nurse-midwives to dispense and administer hormonal contraceptives after performing an assessment. The law will increase access to birth control for thousands of women in California, according to California Women?s Law Center. Women will no longer have to make an appointment with a doctor to get birth control pills.

?Having AB 2348 signed into law is the culmination of our hard-fought effort to expand access to birth control for women who need it,? Democratic Assemblymember Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles, who introduced the legislation, said. ?Today, women who would not have otherwise had access to hormonal contraceptives can declare a victory.?

[Woman holding birth control pills via Shutterstock]







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Man killed in ATV crash

HAZARD, Ky. (WKYT) - A man has died after an ATV crash in Perry County.

It happened around 2:30 p.m. at Big Creek Road in the Big Creek area of Hazard.

The deputy coroner in Perry County tells us 36-year-old Rexford Noble Junior, crashed off an embankment, and landed in a creek, where he died.

We have a crew on the scene and will have more tonight at eleven.


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Business Plan ? needs Finance Trainee by aig - Freelance Jobs

We looking for Finance research Freelancer , project Plan , Business Plan. please put your bid and send your details resume at PM. Thanks! (Budget: $250-$750 USD, Jobs: Finance, Financial Research, Internet Marketing, Marketing, Research)


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Canada?s Nexen oil company shareholders approve Chinese takeover for $15.1 billion

CALGARY, CANADA (BNO NEWS) ? Canadian oil and gas company, Nexen Inc., on Thursday announced that its shareholders have approved the proposed takeover by China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC).

The Plan of Arrangement, reportedly a $ 15.1 billion deal, was carried out through CNOOC Canada Holding Ltd. and was
approved by approximately 99 percent of the votes cast by Nexen common shareholders and around 87 percent of the votes cast by Nexen preferred shareholders at the special meeting held on Thursday.

According to the proposed agreement, CNOOC would be purchasing all of the outstanding common shares of Nexen for $ 27.50 per share in cash, including the company?s current debt of $ 4.3 billion which will remain outstanding.

However, the closing of the arrangement remains subject to the granting of the final order by the Court of Queen?s Bench of Alberta, the receipt of required regulatory approvals and the satisfaction or waiver of the other customary closing conditions.

Nexen operates oil sands and shale gas in Western Canada and conventional exploration and development primarily in the UK North Sea, offshore West Africa and Gulf of Mexico.

During the second quarter of this year, Nexen, which is based in Calgary, Alberta, produced an average of 207,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. As of December 2011, it also has about 5.6 billion barrels of oil equivalent when its Canadian oil sands are considered.


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7 stories to read this weekend ? Tech News and Analysis

James Bond is 50, a nation of deadbeats, Stone Age brains dealing with Facebook, living literally inside the computer and reverse network effects ? these are some of the topics I have put together for this week?s seven recommended reads. Plus a great essay on men?s style.

It has been a hectic week, thanks to the release of the new iPhone 5 and, more importantly, our Mobilize 2012 conference. As a result I had to limit the scope of my readings this week. Nevertheless, here are some fun reads for you to enjoy this weekend.


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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting Slower And Slower: How Slow Can You Go?

Before we go slow, let's go fast, so fast you can't go any faster. That would be light in a vacuum, traveling at 670 million miles per hour ...

Light, of course, can slow down. When light passes through water, it loses speed. A diamond is an even better speed bump. It can slow a beam of light by 40 percent.

But moving on, you and I are going pretty fast right now, though we don't notice. The planet we're on is zipping around the sun at 66,000-plus miles per hour ...

You'd think there would be wind whipping through our hair, but no, we're cocooned by the Earth's atmosphere, so we have no easy way to sense our motion. We could, of course, leave the Earth and watch our planet from a distance, but to do that, we'd have to kick off the surface, and that takes a lot of speed. ...

In fact, getting away from something often requires a speedy ejection. Take sneezing. You breathe in an irritant, say, a prickly dust particle, your body tenses and ...

... out it flies ? at up to 104 mph.

You can't run away from something that fast. The fastest runners we have ? at full sprint ? don't do much better than ...

... 26, 27 mph. That's how fast Jamaican champion Usain Bolt can go. Most of us are content to waddle along at a much slower pace.

... which still makes us much faster than the slowest waddlers, who don't really waddle; snails seem to slide on their own mucus, which makes them icons of slow-ocity. ...

By now we're getting down to truly slow, slow-motion speeds that describe the growth rate of bamboo (1.3 x 10-6 miles per hour), or slower still, this is the average growth rate of a child ? expressed in miles per hour.

We can go even slower. The moon is drifting away from the Earth. Three billion years ago it was bigger in our sky, but its retreat is so delicate, you'd never know it was moving unless you painstakingly measure the widening distance.

And even slower than that ? as this is as slow as I'm going to go in this post, because you have to stop somewhere ? is what's happening at the ends of your fingers and toes. We know nails grow. But in miles per hour, they achieve a kind of Gold Medal of Sluggishness.

But before I conclude, to show you that we're nowhere near the slowest of the slows, I want you to imagine a pile of uranium atoms (think of lots of electrons spinning around a big, fat nucleus). Now, close your eyes, and keep them shut for 4.47 billion years. When you open them, half those atoms will no longer be uranium. They will have decayed into something else. Their rate of decay, their "half life," 4.47 billion years, is roughly the age of our planet. Talk about slow. That's really slow.

I got these numbers from a chart labeled "Speed" in David Blatner's new book, Spectrums. I know I've been cribbing off of Blatner a lot this week, but that's because his little volume about scaling is so provocative. He just gets me thinking.


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What Salesforce Doesn&#39;t Tell You At Dreamforce

Salesforce, a pioneer in delivering business software over the Internet, is turning to social business and collaboration services to expand into new markets and keep its revenue engine running. So it?s no surprise that the company?s Dreamforce user conference in San Francisco this week is a love fest for social networking for business. But behind all the hoopla is a dark side that businesses should pay close attention to.

Salesforce's New Social Tools

Salesforce unveiled a long list of products Wednesday and highlighted big-name customers like General Electric and Virgin Airlines. The new services are built on top of Salesforce?s core software for managing customer relations and for helping sales and marketing teams be more effective.

Over the coming months, Salesforce customers will have the option of using Chatterbox for managing and sharing files with partners and customers. Chatterbox places Salesforce in competition with Dropbox, Microsoft?s SharePoint and Box, in which Salesforce is an investor.

Other services that will be available in the near future include being able to hold conversations with customers via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and to create and manage marketing campaigns on the sites. Salesforce will also release tools for gathering intelligence on sales leads from Twitter, blogs and YouTube videos.

Market Pressures

Salesforce is hoping all its new products will keep it ahead of larger rivals Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. With such heavyweights in its rearview mirror, Salesforce can?t afford to standstill. It needs to enter new markets in order to continue driving double-digit revenue growth.

The brass ring for all players delivering business software over the Internet is a $49 billion market that grew by 25% over last year, according to Forrester Research. Spending on social business software will grow from $800 million in 2011 to as much as $5 billion in 2016, according to IDC.

Companies Fear Public Social Networks

With so much at stake, Salesforce is pushing hard into the new social business frontier. But what the marketing hype doesn?t highlight is the risks that need to be addressed before customers rev up the vendor?s new services.

The danger of having employees say the wrong thing on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is real. Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline learned the hard way when it paid $3 billion last year to settle U.S. government allegations that sales reps sold the company?s drugs based on claims not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Avoiding A Calamity

To avoid such catastrophes, analysts recommend a thorough training program for every employee that will be conducting company business on a public social network. ?Implementing them (social business tools) isn?t that difficult,? IDC analyst Michael Fauscette, said. ?The problem is the tools need to change your business processes and your company culture.?

Employees need to be prepared to do business under the company?s brand in an open environment. Policies have to be clearly stated on what information can and cannot be shared with customers or partners. Workers also need to be taught how to speak on social networks. They need to be aware that communications go far beyond the walls of the corporate office where they are sitting in front of a computer.

While email can also be used to mistakenly release intellectual property or private communications with customers and partners, information posted on a social network travels faster and wider. ?You?re no longer shouting it out in the cafeteria, you?re shouting it out at the local mall where anybody can hear,? Forrester analyst Rob Koplowitz said.

Nothing Is Simple

There is no simple way to introduce new policies and procedures for handling social business and collaboration tools. Changing a company?s culture to be sensitive to the greater exposure will also be difficult. So make sure you are ready before you turn on Salesforce?s new products.


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Friday, September 21, 2012

Lemurs' nose grunts are caller ID

Lemurs may be able to recognise other primate species from the nasal grunts they make, an Italian study has found.

The primates are known to make grunting calls to communicate in dense forests.

Scientists investigating three closely related species found that variations in the shape of their airways were responsible for different calls among the lemurs.

Researchers say this is the first study to link vocal tract shape to call identification in the animal kingdom.

The study is published in the International Journal of Primatology and employed techniques usually used to analyse human voices to interpret how the lemurs made their calls distinctive.

The team from the University of Torino, Italy, studied three related species: the common brown lemur, the red-bellied lemur and the black lemur.

They constructed computer simulations of the effect that resonance in the airways would have on a nasal call, based on measurements taken from frozen specimens.

To test these simulations, they compared them with the noises that living lemurs made when calling through their nose and found them to be sufficiently accurate.

Analysis of the computer models allowed researchers to pick out characteristics of the different sounds made by the three species of lemur, which are part of the same genus and therefore very similar to each other.

The calls were distinguished between one another by their "formants", a term that is usually applied to the vocal tract resonance that makes one human voice sound different from another.

"Formants are the acoustic determinant of many key phonetic distinctions in human languages," said Dr Marco Gamba, lead author of the study.

He explained that formants played a key role in "characterising individual voices" and added that "formants are also key features for recognizing the sex of a human speaker."

The study found that the lemurs' hearing could be expected to pick up the key differences between calls.

"What is very very interesting is that... these differences allow recognition of species within the same genus," said Dr Gamba.

He explained that, as in humans, the length of the lemurs' airways was a "major determinant" of changes in their calls.

"But, at least for nasal sounds, shape of the vocal tract is also extremely important," he added.

Dr Gamba now hopes that the technique the team used will be applied to analyse the vocalisation of animals more widely.

"Vocal tract modelling is unfortunately used almost uniquely in human language research but it is an incredibly powerful tool," he said.


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Prosecutors give up fight for James Holmes' notebook


Shooting suspect James Holmes, in an undated photo released Sept. 20 by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office. Holmes has been shorn of the dyed-red hair he had when first arrested.

By NBC News staff and news services

Prosecutors in the case against James Holmes gave up their pursuit of the notebook Holmes mailed to his psychiatrist before the July 20 theater massacre in which 12 were killed and at least 58 were wounded, the Denver Post reported Thursday. ?

In a hearing at the Arapahoe County Courthouse on Thursday morning, prosecutors said they weren't going to pursue the notebook now because the debate could delay proceedings for months and they were likely to gain access to it as the case goes forward.

"There's a high degree of likelihood that whatever privilege exists in the notebook will end up being waived by the defendant" should Holmes' lawyers pursue an insanity defense, prosecutor Rich Orman said during hearing on the issue, Reuters reported.

The notebook purportedly contains descriptions and drawings of a violent attack.

Holmes, a former neuroscience graduate student at the University of Colorado, is accused of opening fire on the audience at a midnight showing of the Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" on July 20 in Aurora, Colo. He is also accused of wiring his apartment with an elaborate system of explosives and tripwires, with apparent intent to kill first responders and other residents in the building.

Appearing in court?on Thursday, Holmes' head had been shaved of the garishly colored red hair he had in previous court appearances, the Post reported.

In earlier proceedings, Arapahoe County District Judge William B. Sylvester denied prosecutors access to the notebook, ruling that they could not disprove a doctor-patient relationship between Holmes and Lynne Fenton, a psychiatrist at University of Colorado. Sylvester had scheduled Thursday's hearing to take up the issue again.

Court documents related to James Holmes' case

Attorneys for Holmes argue that their client is mentally ill and was seeking Fenton's help. At the last hearing, the judge rejected prosecutor arguments that a privileged doctor-patient relationship ended June 11, the last time Fenton saw Holmes.

Holmes has been charged with 142 counts, including murder and attempted murder.

Prosecutors are seeking to charge Holmes with 10 more counts, the Denver Port reported, citing a motion filed earlier this week.

They also filed a motion to amend 17 counts against Holmes, the Post reported. Details were not released because a gag order is in place.

In related news, the memorial that sprang up outside the Aurora theater after the bloodshed was disassembled Thursday, the Denver Post reported. The city said it had consulted?with families of the victims and that a local museum would be archiving items from the display, the report said.

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Libyans hold giant march against militias

BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) ? Around 30,000 Libyans marched through the eastern city of Benghazi on Friday in an unprecedented protest to demand the disbanding of powerful militias in the wake of last week's attack that killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans.

The attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, in which at least one militia is suspected of participating, has sparked a backlash among many Libyans against the multiple armed factions that have run rampant for months in cities around the country. The militias have become more powerful than the regular security forces, and successive governments since last year's fall of Moammar Gadhafi have been unable to rein them in.

The militias, which are the legacy of the "revolutionary brigades" that fought Gadhafi in the civil war, have taken on roles as security, guarding state facilities and neighborhoods, but they also are accused of acting like gangs, detaining people, intimidating critics and clashing in the streets.

Friday's march targeted in particular Ansar al-Shariah, a militia of Islamic extremists who officials and witnesses say participated in the consulate attack. The group is also accused of attacking Muslims who don't follow its harsh interpretation of Islam.

"No, no, to militias," the giant crowd chanted as it marched along a lake in the center of Benghazi, filling a broad boulevard. They carried banners and signs demanding that militias disband and that the government build up police to take their place in keeping security. "Benghazi is in a trap," signs read. "Where is the army, where is the police?"

Other signs mourned the killing of U.S. Amb. Chris Stevens, reading, "The ambassador was Libya's friend" and "Libya lost a friend."

"Benghazi has been thrown wide open, it's full of chaos, looting and crime," said Ihsan Abdel-Baqi, a woman in her 50s who joined the march. "We want our dignity back. We are not afraid of anything."

The giant crowd poured into a square in front of the main camp of Ansar al-Shariah in the city, unfurling a long Libyan flag and chanting, "With our lives and souls, we redeem you, Benghazi." Military helicopters and fighter jets flew overhead, and police mingled in the crowd.

Several thousand Ansar al-Shariah supporters lined up in front of the camp in the face of the crowd, waving black and white banners. But there was no immediate friction between the two sides.

The militias first arose when Benghazi and the rest of the east rose up against Gadhafi's rule early last year. Residents formed local "brigades" that took up arms and fought regime forces. Over the civil war that followed such militias formed around the country.

Since Gadhafi's fall and death around a year ago, the militias have remained in place and have grown stronger, boasting arsenals of automatic weapons, rocket-propelled grenades and pick-up trucks with heavy machine guns. Many have no particular ideological bent, but some are strongly Islamist.

Their strength was on display in the Sept. 11 attack on the consulate. Heavily armed gunmen believed to be militiamen mixed in with a crowd of Libyans protesting an anti-Islam film outside the mission, Libyan officials say. Libyan security forces at the scene withdrew because they were heavily outnumbered and outgunned.

The government has been unable to convince militias to disband or integrate into the regular army or security forces, which remain underfunded and weak. Many say authorities have inadvertently fueled the growth with a program that pays militiamen to join a state-sponsored council that does little to bring them under government control.

Associated Press


London 2012 Synchronized Swimming London 2012 hurdles Taylor Kinney Beach Volleyball Olympics 2012 Jessica Ennis Oscar Pistorius Aliya Mustafina

Thursday, September 20, 2012

People change moral position without even realizing it

ScienceDaily (Sep. 19, 2012) ? Shortly after expressing a moral view about a difficult topic, people may easily endorse the opposite view and remain blind to the psychological mismatch, according to research published Sept. 19 in the open access journal PLOS ONE.

In the study, led by Lars Hall of Lund University, Sweden, participants were presented with a survey about moral issues, including foundational principles and current hot topics with moral implications. To complete the survey they had to flip over the first page of questions, which was displayed on a clipboard, and this is where the researchers implemented a design usually used in performance magic: the back of the clipboard had a patch of glue that caught the top layer of the questions, so when the page was flipped back over, an opposite version of the original questions was revealed but the answers remained unchanged. In other words, the participants' responses were opposite to their originally declared positions (For a video illustration of the experiment, see

The researchers then discussed the participants' answers with them, and found that many participants supported their reported answers, even though the responses were opposite to what the individual had originally intended to express. The authors write that "participants often constructed coherent and unequivocal arguments supporting the opposite of their original position," suggesting "a dramatic potential for flexibility in our moral attitudes."

Commenting on their results, Lars Hall says, "It could have significant impact on research that uses self-reported questionnaires. Either we would have to conclude that many participants hold no real attitudes about the topics we investigate, or that standard survey scales fail to capture the complexity of the attitudes people actually hold."

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The above story is reprinted from materials provided by Public Library of Science.

Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Journal Reference:

  1. Lars Hall, Petter Johansson, Thomas Strandberg. Lifting the Veil of Morality: Choice Blindness and Attitude Reversals on a Self-Transforming Survey. PLoS ONE, 2012; 7 (9): e45457 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0045457

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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A Communications Plan for Fundraising Success | CCS - Blogs

By Kelly Albanese, Assistant Vice President of Marketing Communications, CCS

Does your development office have a clear and defined communications plan?

Like anything else, without a plan you will not get to your desired destination. That said, there are many ways to engage donors, cultivate potential donors, and motivate key leaders and committee members; and communication is crucial regardless of whether you are currently engaged in a long-term campaign. In fact, studies have shown that one of the most commonly cited reasons donors halt giving to an existing preferred charity is because they ?feel less connected than they had been before.?

So, how do you get started drafting your fundraising communications plan? Your first step is to sit down with your organization?s strategic plan as well as your fundraising plan for the year. Make a list of the constituent groups you need to be communicating with and when. Now, create a matrix that matches important messaging for the year and strategic goals for the organization with the appropriate constituent groups.

By the time you?ve completed this exercise, you should have a solid schedule of communications to use as a guideline. Your schedule may include newsletters (print and electronic,) appeals for support, event announcements and reminders, annual reports, news and advocacy issues, as well as calls for volunteers. Your communications matrix will establish a foundation for your outreach throughout the year. The purpose of that foundation is to ensure that communications are sent regularly, communicate important key messages, and leave room for special communication needs that will surely arise, often unexpectedly.

Once you have finalized a draft of your communications plan, invite the appropriate staff members in your organization to review and offer additions based on any events or constituencies you may have overlooked. If communications and development are separate at your organization, invite the head of communications to review your plan. Also, ask your program colleagues for feedback.

If your organization is currently using social media vehicles, be sure to incorporate the use of those platforms to enhance and compliment the communications you have outlined. Technology has made it easy to engage our target audiences through a variety of platforms. Determine the platforms that resonate with your constituents and make sure that you?re using them to help communicate and engage.

The next step in creating your development communications plan is to establish a realistic set of communication goals for your organization. Will you communicate with your various constituencies weekly, monthly, or quarterly, etc.? Remember that one size does not fit all when it comes to communicating. You may need to communicate with some groups more frequently than others.

Finally, build in a process to evaluate the success of your communications. You will need to pay attention to response rates, open rates, and the content that your various audiences react to. What are they sharing? Which appeals and calls to action are they responding to? Make a commitment to evaluate the success of all of your outreach each month. Set aside a few hours at the beginning of the month to review the communications from the previous month so you can work with your team to tweak and recalibrate your strategy and plan.

Do you already do all of this? That?s great! What?s the next step? Gathering information regarding your constituents and starting to use that information to communicate with them about things they are specifically interested in, but that?s a blog for another day.

Here are some communication tips and strategies that you should consider including in your plan:

  • Weekly emails to board and committee members outlining recent success stories and important next steps.
  • Biweekly campaign updates to pending donors.
  • Monthly inspirational emails, letters, website links, articles that may be of interest, and e-newsletters to cultivate prospects.
  • Quarterly newsletter or magazine.
  • Semi-annual President or Chairman letters.
  • Annual reports to promote donor recognition and stewardship as well as demonstrate impact.
  • Occasional handwritten notes to key donors and volunteers.
  • A personal email invitation rather than a blast email.
  • A phone call just to say ?hello? or ?thank you. ?

Let me leave you with this parting thought. As you create your communications plan, or perhaps fine-tune an existing plan, make sure that the three most important messages are included throughout the year:

  1. This is our mission. These are our needs. This is how you can help.
  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  3. Your support has helped us accomplish x, y and z.

You may not stick to your communications plan 100%of the time, but it will provide a blueprint for how you communicate, with whom you communicate, what you communicate, and the frequency with which you do so.?

Do you have any communications tips to share? Share them here by commenting on our blog or join the conversation on

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Actress sues California man behind anti-Muslim film

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - An actress in an anti-Islam film that triggered violent protests across the Muslim world sued a California man linked to its production on Wednesday for fraud and slander, saying she had received death threats after the video was posted on YouTube.

Actress Cindy Lee Garcia, who also named Google Inc and its YouTube unit as defendants, asked that the film be removed from YouTube and said her right to privacy had been violated and her life endangered, among other allegations.

It was the first known civil lawsuit connected to the making of the video, which depicts the Prophet Mohammad as a womanizer and a fool, and helped generate a torrent of violence across the Muslim world last week.

The violence included an attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi in which the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were killed. U.S. and other foreign embassies were also stormed in cities in Asia, Africa and the Middle East by furious Muslims.

Garcia accused a producer of the movie, whom she identified as Nakoula Basseley Nakoula and said he used the alias Sam Bacile, of duping her into appearing in a "hateful" film that she had been led to believe was a simple desert adventure movie.

"There was no mention of 'Mohammed' during filming or on set. There were no references made to religion nor was there any sexual content of which Ms. Garcia was aware," said the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

For many Muslims, any depiction of the prophet is blasphemous. Caricatures deemed insulting in the past have provoked protests and drawn condemnation from officials, preachers, ordinary Muslims and many Christians.

"This lawsuit is not an attack on the First Amendment nor on the right for Americans to say what they think, but does request that the offending content be removed from the Internet," the lawsuit said.

A representative for Nakoula's criminal attorney declined to comment on the lawsuit. A Google spokesman said the company was reviewing the complaint and "will be in court tomorrow."


Garcia, who had a relatively small part in a trailer available online, has said that her character was forced to give away her child to a character named "Master George" in one scene. An expired casting call available online describes a character named George as a "strong leader" and a "tyrant."

But in the English-language trailer at YouTube, Garcia's character appears to be dubbed over in that scene, with a voice-over for her character referring to Mohammad instead of George.

Garcia's lawsuit said her voice was also "dubbed into Arabic" in another version of the trailer.

She said the film, which has circulated online as a 13-minute trailer, had prompted her family to refuse to allow her to see or babysit her grandchildren, fearing for their safety.

The suit accuses Nakoula, Google and YouTube of invasion of privacy, unfair business practices, the use of Garcia's likeness without permission and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

U.S. officials have said authorities were not investigating the film project itself and that even if it was inflammatory or led to violence, simply producing it cannot be considered a crime in the United States, which has strong free speech laws.

But Nakoula, a Coptic Christian California man who pleaded guilty to bank fraud in 2010, was interviewed by federal probation officers on Saturday probing whether he violated the terms of his release while making the film.

Nakoula, who was released from prison in 2011, is prohibited from accessing the Web or assuming aliases without the approval of his probation officer, court records show. Violations could result in him being sent back to prison.

Nakoula, 55, did not return to his house in the Los Angeles suburb of Cerritos following his interview with federal probation officers, and his whereabouts are unknown. Last week, he denied involvement in the film in a phone call to his Coptic bishop in Los Angeles.

(Additional reporting by Gerry Shih; Editing by Cynthia Johnston and Christopher Wilson)


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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama?s Stump Speech


It?s the oldest form of political communication. Before there was Twitter or Facebook, before there were 30-second television ads, or super PACs, or even radio or newspapers ? there was the stump speech. Ancient Greek politicians spoke directly to citizens in the Agora in Athens 2,500 years ago; 19th-century American politicians stood on tree stumps to deliver their direct pitches to voters. And today?s politicians are still at it.

Day after day, sometimes several times a day, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney make their case directly to voters. Most of what they say doesn?t make the news, because they?ve said it before, over and over, and reporters are seeking whatever is new.

But voters should take a few minutes to pay attention. Each man is making his best case for why he deserves to be elected. Voters, however, should also beware. The claims candidates make don?t always square with the facts.

In this article, part one of a two-part series, we examine examples of Obama?s factually exaggerated or misleading claims from two of his recent campaign speeches. We?ll go through Romney?s stump speech at a later time.

There?s plenty here to criticize. Like any candidate, Obama is not pretending to give a detached or balanced picture to his audience. He?s making a sales pitch, leaving out or glossing over inconvenient facts, twisting others and sometimes stating things that aren?t so. To cite just a few examples:

  • Obama correctly states that manufacturing jobs have increased by more than half a million since hitting bottom, but he fails to mention that the number regained is less than half the total lost since he took office.
  • He claims that ?renewable? energy production has doubled on his watch, which isn?t true (only wind and solar have doubled).
  • He claims he?d increase the tax rate on high-income earners to no more than they paid under Bill Clinton, when the truth is they?d pay more because of new taxes imposed to pay for the Affordable Care Act.
  • He says ?independent analysis? validates that his plan would cut $4 trillion from the deficit. But that total is inflated by $1 trillion in ?savings? from winding down wars that he has promised to end anyway.
  • He accuses Romney of proposing to raise taxes by $2,000 on middle-income taxpayers, when Romney has stated clearly that he wouldn?t do any such thing.
  • He attacks Romney?s plan for Medicare as a ?voucher? system that would leave seniors ?at the mercy of insurance companies,? when the fact is, it?s structured the same as the system Obama?s health care law sets up for subsidizing private insurance for persons under age 65.

There?s more ? on automobile fuel efficiency, on imports and on exports. The president even complains of ?all the cynicism that?s being fed to you through these negative ads,? as though his own campaign wasn?t spending 69 percent of its own millions on ads attacking Romney.

Full quotes ? and our dissections of the misleading claims in the president?s current stump speech ? are contained in the Analysis section that follows.

Note to readers: This is the first part of a two-part series examining the factual claims made by both major candidates. We will post our findings about Mitt Romney?s stump-speech claims in a subsequent Featured Article.


With one exception, all the examples given here are from a campaign speech President Obama delivered in Las Vegas on Sept. 13. In addition, we?ve included another of his well-worn applause lines from a speech delivered Sept. 17 in Columbus, Ohio, as noted below. All are examples of points he has used before and, we have little doubt, will continue using as the campaign wears on.

Here?s what we found:

Manufacturing Jobs

Obama, Sept. 13: After a decade of decline, this country has created over half a million new manufacturing jobs in the last two-and-a-half years. We reinvented a dying auto industry that?s back on top of the world.

It?s true that manufacturing jobs declined during the Bush administration, and they have rebounded since hitting bottom one year MfgJobsafter Obama took office. Since that low point, the economy has regained 512,000 of the manufacturing jobs lost since his inauguration in January 2009, according to August figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But that?s still 582,000 short of where the total stood when Obama took office. At the current pace, it would take another three years to get back to even.

Also, Obama is incorrect when he claims the U.S. auto industry is ?back on top of the world.? As we pointed out when he used that line during his Democratic convention speech, the former world leader, General Motors, has slipped back to No. 2 in global auto sales and is headed for third place for the entire year, behind Toyota and Volkswagen.

Double Exports?

Obama: We can help big factories and small businesses double their exports. We can create a million new manufacturing jobs in the next four years.

Obama first pledged to double exports during his?2010 State of the Union address, and he launched a?National Export Initiative to help farmers and small businesses export more goods. But in the two-and-a-half years since then,?exports of goods and services (see ?Trade in Goods and Services, 1992 to present?) have increased just 28 percent. The most recent figures, released Sept. 11, showed a slight month-to-month decline for July. Even using 2010 as the start date, it will take years for exports to double at the current rate of increase.

And the promise of adding ?a million new manufacturing jobs in the next four years? would require a faster rate than we?ve seen so far. It would take five years ? not four ? for the economy to add 1 million more manufacturing jobs at the average monthly pace since the number of those jobs hit bottom.

Fuel Standards ?Save You Money??

Obama: After 30 years of inaction, we raised fuel standards so that by the middle of the next decade, your cars and trucks will go twice as far on a gallon of gas. (Applause.) That will save you money.

Obama overstates matters when he says vehicles will go ?twice as far? by 2025. And it?s debatable as to how much or how quickly the new fuel-economy regulations will ?save you money.?

It?s true that the administration is pushing forward with a ?final rulemaking? that would require model year 2025 autos and light trucks to achieve the equivalent of 54 miles per gallon. That?s actually well short of double the current 29.7 combined average, which is required for the 2012 model year under rules that took effect in 2010.

It?s also debatable how much money this ambitious regulation will save consumers over the long run. In the short run, it will certainly require new car buyers to pay higher prices.

By the government?s own estimate, higher costs for new vehicle technology to meet the standards ?are projected to add, on average, about $1,800 for consumers who buy a new vehicle? in model year 2025. That?s compared with the estimated cost of a 2016 vehicle, which in turn will cost $492 more than a 2012 vehicle to meet the rising standards mandated in 2010, under the official estimates given at the time (Table I.C.1?10, page 25346). That?s a total of about $2,300 more than today?s vehicles ? plus any sales tax on the added purchase price.

To be sure, the government estimates that fuel savings will eventually offset the higher purchase price ? but that will take years. ?[F]uel savings will offset the higher vehicle cost in less than 3.5 years,? according to a ?fact sheet? by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The official estimate is that fuel savings will produce ?a net lifetime savings of $3,400 to $5,000? for the 2025 vehicle. But that assumes that the cost of gasoline at the pump will average $3.87 per gallon (in 2010 dollars), which is based on the most recent ?reference case? projection by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. That projection could turn out to be high, or low.

Such projections are notoriously volatile and uncertain. Under EIA?s ?high oil price? scenario, gasoline would average $5.20 in 2025, and the payback period would be faster and lifetime savings would be greater. But under EIA?s ?low oil price? scenario, gasoline would fall to $2.19, and it would take longer for fuel savings to offset the added cost.

Renewable Energy Not ?Doubled?

Obama: We have doubled the amount of renewable energy we generate, including right here in Nevada ? solar panels all across this state.

It?s simply not correct that ?renewable? energy as a whole has doubled. Obama is referring only to the relatively small portion accounted for by wind and solar generation, which has indeed doubled.

As we?ve noted previously, when the much larger contributions of biomass (such as ethanol) and hydropower are included, the overall category of ?renewable? energy produced is up by about 27 percent (see Table 1.1) from 2009 to 2011, according to the most recent figures available. And all renewable energy combined still accounted for only about 9 percent of the nation?s energy production in 2011.

Dependency on Foreign Oil

Obama: Today, the United States of America is less dependent on foreign oil than at any time in nearly two decades.

What the president says is accurate, but he can?t claim exclusive credit. The trend to decreasing dependence on foreign oil began after peaking in 2005, when Obama was a freshman U.S. senator from Illinois. And the trend results from bigger forces than increased wind and solar, or federal mileage standards.

The big picture is shown in this chart, produced by the U.S. Energy Information Administration:

EIANetImportsThe EIA states that the trend is the result of a variety of factors including the economic downturn (curbing consumption) and new drilling technology (increasing domestic supply).

EIA, July 13: The economic downturn after the financial crisis of 2008, improvements in efficiency, changes in consumer behavior and patterns of economic growth, all contributed to the decline in petroleum consumption. At the same time, increased use of domestic biofuels (ethanol and biodiesel), and strong gains in domestic production of crude oil and natural gas plant liquids expanded domestic supplies and reduced the need for imports.

Cutting Deficit by $4 Trillion?

Obama: Independent analysis shows my plan for reducing the deficit would cut it by $4 trillion.

Actually, nonpartisan and bipartisan budget analysts are quite skeptical of Obama?s $4 trillion claim. He refers to ?The President?s Plan for Economic Growth and Deficit Reduction,? released a year ago. But that plan includes ?more than $1 trillion in savings over the next 10 years from our drawdowns in Afghanistan and Iraq.? That?s been?criticized by Maya MacGuineas, president of the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. ?[T]he use of this war gimmick is quite troubling,? she said. ?Drawing down spending on wars that were already set to wind down and that were deficit financed in the first place should not be considered savings. When you finish college, you don?t suddenly have thousands of dollars a year to spend elsewhere ? in fact, you have to find a way to pay back your loans.?

And even taking Obama?s $4 trillion claim at face value and using projections of his own Office of Management and Budget, the projected annual federal deficits would never be lower than $476 billion, which is higher than any year of the Bush administration except for the $1.4 trillion shortfall for fiscal 2009, for which Obama himself bears some responsibility. And under Obama?s plan, deficits would be rising for the last three years of the 10-year period, reaching $565 billion in 2021 (see table S-1).

Not the ?Same Rate?

Obama: But I also want to ask the wealthiest households, including my own, to pay a little bit more on incomes over $250,000, the same rate we had when Bill Clinton was President ?

This is one of Obama?s favorite points, but it?s not accurate. Tax rates on family income over $250,000 (and on income by single taxpayers exceeding $200,000) will be higher than they were when Clinton was president.

It?s true that the top federal income-tax rate would be allowed to rise from the current 35 percent to 39.6 percent, which was the rate that prevailed after Clinton?s 1993 tax increase, and before Bush?s tax cuts. The next-highest rate would go back to the Clinton-era 36 percent, starting with family income over $250,000 (or $200,000 for singles), up from the Bush rate of 33 percent.

But Obama fails to note that his Affordable Care Act loads additional taxes on those same upper-income taxpayers. Taking effect Jan. 1 is a new 3.8 percent tax on ?unearned? net investment income ? such as capital gains from the sale of stocks or real estate, dividends, interest income, annuities, rents and royalties.

Also starting Jan. 1 is a new 0.9 percent Medicare surcharge on top of the current Medicare payroll tax. It also applies to taxable compensation that exceeds $200,000 for singles, or $250,000 for couples filing jointly.

Together these two new taxes will bring in nearly $209 billion over the next seven fiscal years, as estimated by the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation.

Medicare ?Voucher System?

Obama: And by the way, I will never turn Medicare into a voucher because no American should have to spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies.

Technically, Romney and running mate Paul Ryan are not proposing a ?voucher? system for Medicare. Their plan would operate pretty much the same way that new health insurance exchanges will work for those getting subsidized coverage under Obama?s own Affordable Care Act. It?s also the way the Federal Employee Health Benefits system has worked for decades, covering over 9 million civilian federal workers, retirees and their families. That is, the government will pay a portion of the premiums for private insurance coverage chosen by the beneficiaries, and pay it directly without resorting to issuing vouchers.

It is also the way the current Medicare Advantage program works, covering nearly 12 million seniors who choose private plans over traditional, government-run Medicare coverage. It?s even the way Medicare?s prescription drug benefit works. No vouchers involved.

There?s a long-running debate over the wisdom of moving even more Medicare beneficiaries to private plans, as Romney and Ryan propose. (About 25 percent now choose Medicare Advantage.)

And it?s far from clear that the Republican approach could achieve the level of cost reduction it predicts without also cutting benefits or increasing out-of-pocket expenses for seniors. It?s not even clear how many would choose private coverage, since Romney and Ryan would include traditional Medicare as a choice under their plan.

But claiming that it?s a ?voucher? system that would put seniors ?at the mercy of insurance companies? is misleading. It ignores the plain fact that Obama supports other, popular health-care programs that work the same way.

$2,000 Middle-Class Tax Hike?

A point he didn?t bring up in his Sept. 13 speech ? but has repeated many times in his other stump speeches ? came up again a few days later at another campaign appearance, in Columbus, Ohio.

Obama, Sept. 17: I am not going to ask middle-class families with kids to pay over $2,000 more so that millionaires and billionaires get to pay less.

But Romney isn?t asking that, either. In fact, Romney insists: ?I will not raise taxes on the middle class.?

Obama?s $2,000 figure comes from an analysis by the Tax Policy Center of ?a revenue-neutral individual income tax change that incorporates the features Governor Romney has proposed.? Romney has not provided details on what tax credits and deductions would be eliminated. The TPC calculated whose tax breaks would need to go ? starting at the top ? to make up for the revenue that would be lost by cutting rates 20 percent for everybody, as Romney has promised. And it concluded that ?taxpayers with children who make less than $200,000 would pay, on average, $2,000 more in taxes? if Romney cut rates as promised without losing revenue.

But this does not prove that Romney will increase taxes on those making under $200,000. It?s just evidence that Romney can?t deliver everything he has promised.

Donald Marron, director of the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, says of his center?s study: ?I don?t interpret this as evidence that Governor Romney wants to increase taxes on the middle class in order to cut taxes for the rich, as an Obama campaign ad claimed. Instead, I view it as showing that his plan can?t accomplish all his stated objectives.?

Romney could cut rates less, or let the federal deficit rise more, and still not raise taxes on those making under $200,000. Or he could define the ?middle? to be taxpayers much lower down on the income scale.

?Cynicism? Fed by ?Negative Ads?

Obama: If you buy into all the cynicism that?s being fed to you through these negative ads, well, you know what, change won?t happen if you stop fighting for it.

The fact is Obama?s campaign has been feeding the cynicism, too. The president?s campaign had spent $147 million on TV spots through Sept. 9, of which 69 percent were negative, according to the Washington Post?s ?Mad Money? website, which tracks such spending on a weekly basis.

In addition, 100 percent of the $22.6 million spent by the Democratic National Committee on Obama?s behalf also went for ads rated as negative. And 96 percent of the $9.8 million spent by the pro-Obama group Priorities USA has also been rated negative.

To be sure, Romney and his GOP allies also have spent tens of millions running ads attacking Obama, other Democrats and even Romney?s Republican primary foes. But the president can?t pretend that negative ads or political cynicism is their fault alone.

? by Brooks Jackson

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