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Carry your cards, cash and iPhone in one place with the iWallie

Ever just want to leave the wallet or purse at home, but don’t want to carry around your credit cards loose in your pocket? Most people who have a cell phone carries their phone along with them, so why not have a case that allows you to combine the cards and the phone? There are […]


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Northeastern Junior College students excel at state competition

Mike Schadegg of Wolf Auto, left, stands with Jonny Stahley and Mike Pomeroy in front of the training car he loaned them to train on before the Skills USA contest. (Courtesy photo)

Merino High School students Jonny Stahley and Mike Pomeroy, who were both enrolled in the Secondary Automotive Technology program at Northeastern Junior College this past spring, recently competed in the state-wide Skills USA contest.

Pomeroy placed 17th overall and Stahley placed 19th out of 35 competitors from all areas of Colorado. The two had previously placed at the top of the district contest to earn their way to the larger state competition.

In the state's Ford AAA contest, Stahley and Pomeroy as a team finished second overall in the written portion of the testing, out of 150 students. The duo placed sixth in the hands-on part of the contest. During the hands-on portion, experts deliberately put some "bugs" in the engine or other operating systems and it is up to the students to find out what is wrong with the car, working against time.

To help Stahley and Pomeroy prepare for the competition, Mike Schadegg from Wolf Auto in Sterling temporarily donated a 2013 Ford Focus to the college for the students to train on before they went to compete at the state level in mid-May in Denver. For many years, Wolf Auto and Jim Able from Ford AAA Colorado have supported the automotive programs at Northeastern with the donation of cars, advice, and other resources.


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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Government of British Columbia: BC Coroners Service Confirms Identity of B.C. Man Found in Washington State

KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Aug. 2, 2013) -



Aug. 2, 2013

Ministry of Justice

BC Coroners Service

BC Coroners Service Confirms Identity of B.C. Man Found in Washington State

The BC Coroners Service has confirmed the identity of a man who was found deceased in the Columbia River on Aug. 1, 2013.

The man was Lyle Robert Lamont, aged 25, from Castlegar.

Mr. Lamont was last seen alive leaving his home in the Castlegar area and was reported missing on July 14, 2013.

Mr. Lamont was subsequently found deceased in the Columbia River at China Bend, near Lake Roosevelt, Stevens County, WA on Aug. 1, 2013.

The BC Coroners Service and Castlegar RCMP continue to investigate this death with the assistance of the Stevens County Sheriff's Office and the Stevens County Coroner.

The family of Mr. Lamont has been notified of his death. On behalf of family members, the BC Coroners Service asks that the media respect their privacy at this difficult time.

The BC Coroners Service expresses its condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Lamont.

Connect with the Province of B.C. at:


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Court upholds Minnesota child care union election

Roughly 12,700 child care providers are now eligible to vote in the union election ? that includes licensed and unlicensed in-home providers who receive state subsidies from the Child Care Assistance Program.

One of the suits filed against the state claimed the recently passed unionization measure violates federal labor law; the other claimed it infringes on First Amendment rights of free association. U.S. District Judge Michael J. Davis said the plaintiffs? claims are not ?ripe.? He noted that no union election or collective bargaining has occurred and no injury is imminent.

Judge Davis wrote: ?At this time, the state statute does not require Plaintiffs to associate with a union, be represented by a union, engage in collective bargaining, or pay money to any union. Plaintiffs may never be required to do any of these things.? He added that ?Plaintiffs request that the Court peer into a crystal ball, predict the future, and then opine on the constitutionality of a speculative scenario.?

AFSCME Council 5 celebrated both rulings.

?Child care providers can finally vote and decide for themselves if they want to join together in a union,? said spokesperson Jennifer Munt. ?Pro-union providers are uniting for a stronger voice in decisions that affect their work and the families they serve. Uniting will improve the quality of in-home child care by giving providers greater access to important health, safety and educational tools. It will also give parents greater peace of mind that their kids are getting what they need to succeed.

?These quick rulings show that the Minnesota Legislature has the right to let child care providers vote on a union,? explained Munt. ?It shows that the state also has the right to bargain with caregivers who are paid by the state.?

The lawsuit had been spurred on by anti-labor groups such as the Minnesota Majority and the National Right to Work Committee.

Governor Dayton, who was listed as a defendant in both cases, said in a news release that he is pleased with the rulings: ?I believe that working men and women should have the right to vote on forming a union, and that the Court?s decisions will permit such an election to be held.?


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The Israel/Palestine issue seeps into American culture

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Tampa Bay stocks reflect local jobs numbers (Video)

The 15 largest public companies in the Tampa Bay area had very little movement upward Friday following the national July jobs report.

The report showed that the U.S. added more than 160,000 jobs and unemployment dropped to 7.4 percent.

Locally, the picture looks a little different, with hiring down 2.4 percent in July, which was reflected in the local stock performance Friday.

Bloomin? Brands (NASDAQ: BLMN) , perhaps still riding the momentum it picked up yesterday following its second quarter results, had the largest gain of 0.44 percent.

View the chart below for more local stock information and watch the Bloomberg video for top national stock news.

Company Ticker Closing?price $?change %?change
Tech Data NASDAQ:TECD $52.86 $0.01 0.02%
Jabil Circuit NYSE: JBL $23.39 $0.03 0.13%
WellCare Health Plans NYSE: WCG $61.28 ($0.25) -0.41%
Bloomin' Brands NASDAQ: BLMN $25.10 $0.11 0.44%
Raymond James Financial NYSE: RJF $45.01 ($0.06) -0.13%
HSN NASDAQ: HSNI $63.00 ($0.74) -1.16%
TECO Energy NYSE: TE $17.78 ($0.03) 0.17%
Roper Industries NYSE: ROP $127.41 ($0.56) -0.44%
Cott NYSE: COT $8.64 ($0.11) -1.26%
Brown & Brown Inc. NYSE: BRO $33.72 $0.01 0.03%
Sykes Enterprises NASDAQ: SYKE $17.62 ($0.07) -0.40%
Kforce Inc. NASDAQ: KFRC $16.99 -$0.01 -0.06%
Quality Distribution Inc. NASDAQ: QLTY $10.30 ($0.14) -1.34%
Walter Investment Management Corp. NYSE: WAC $41.62 $0.03 0.07%
MarineMax Inc. NYSE: HZO $11.93 $0.04 0.34%
Jo-Lynn Brown is Editorial Assistant for the Tampa Bay Business Journal.


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Saturday, August 3, 2013

'Star Trek's' Shuttlecraft Galileo Warps Into Space Center Houston

HOUSTON ??The first shuttlecraft from the original 1967 "Star Trek" television series has landed at a real-life space center for its final away mission.

Space Center Houston, the official visitor center for NASA's Johnson Space Center in Texas, unveiled the newly-fan-restored Shuttlecraft Galileo on Wednesday (July 31) during a science fiction celebrity-studded event that featured one of the original actors from the full-scale spacecraft's debut episode.

Actor Don Marshall, who portrayed Starfleet Lieutenant Boma "The Galileo Seven," helped launch the prop's public display. [Restored "Star Trek" Shuttlecraft Galileo Brought Back to Life (Photos)]

"This is Galileo!" announced Marshall as the drape covering the shuttlecraft was pulled away.

Joining Marshall for the lights-and-fog-assisted reveal were actors Robert Picardo ("The Doctor" from "Star Trek: Voyager"), Sylvester McCoy (the seventh "Doctor" from "Doctor Who"), Tracy Scoggins ("Captain Elizabeth Lockley" from "Babylon 5") and Gil Gerard ("Captain William Buck Rogers" from "Buck Rogers in 25th Century"), among other sci-fi stars.

The shuttlecraft's eventual permanent exhibit in Space Center Houston's "Zero-G Diner" will highlight how science fiction has inspired real-life space explorers and workers.

"This is one of our ideas as to what a shuttle should be," NASA astronaut Mike Fincke told after the unveiling. "I had a chance to fly on a real space shuttle, so there is a connection. And it is an exciting connection because now it can be made by everyone."

"Come to Space Center Houston, be inspired and who knows what some of these kids who are going to be inspired what they are going to build in the future," said Fincke, who also had the chance to play an engineer in the final episode of the "Star Trek: Enterprise" TV series in 2005.

Saving the shuttlecraft

The "Galileo" was introduced to viewers in the 16th episode of "Star Trek." The show's producers initially couldn't afford to build the 23-foot-long by 8-foot-tall (7-by-2.4 meter) prop spacecraft. Instead, they relied on the cheaper "Beam us up, Scotty" transporter special effects to show how the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise came and went from the much larger starship. [How 'Star Trek's Shuttlecraft Galileo Was Restored (Video)]

In the Jan. 5, 1967 episode,?the Galileo shuttlecraft was shown transporting Boma (Marshall), Science Officer Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and Dr. McCoy (DeForest Kelly), among others, to the surface of the planet "Taurus II" on a mission that would leave the spacecraft in need of repair.

As it turned out, the Galileo suffered even more damage in the decades that followed its seven televised space adventures.

Though never fully dismantled, the steel, wood, and sheet-metal shuttlecraft, which was originally built by a car customizer, fell into disarray as it was passed for a half a century between hands ??first to a school for the blind and then to several "Star Trek" collectors and would-be restorers.

It wasn't until June 2012 when 'Star Trek' superfan Adam Schneider bought the degraded prop through an online auction for $61,000 did the Galileo's fate begin to turn around.

Working with "Star Trek" blogger Alec Peters, Schneider and the team at Master Shipwrights in New Jersey used photos and tips from fans of the show to restore the shuttlecraft to its original screen appearance. The repairs, which took nine months under the guidance of craftsman Hans Mikatis, were completed in June when the Galileo was trucked from the Garden State to the Lone Star State for public display.

"If you had told us a year and a month ago that we would have been able to obtain this thing [and] that we'd be able to figure out how to fix it ... and that we'd be able to donate it to Space Center Houston, the home of America's manned space program, I would have said that's just fabulous," Schneider said.

Galileo Seven meets Faith 7

Now part of Space Center Houston's collection, the Galileo shuttlecraft will be displayed in the same building as some of NASA's most historic spacecraft.

"The addition of Galileo adds to the rich history of space exploration as it pays tribute to the way science fiction ignites our imaginations and has inspired generations of innovators," said Richard Allen, president and CEO of Space Center Houston. "Galileo will join the ranks of many other inspiring exhibits at Space Center Houston, including the recent space shuttle mockup addition and the biggest expansion in our history, the 747 Shuttle Carrier Project."

During the same visit to see Galileo, Space Center Houston guests can see the Apollo command module "America" that flew astronauts on the last mission to the moon, the two-man Gemini 5 spacecraft and "Faith 7," Gordon Cooper's Mercury capsule that 50 years ago this past May lifted off on NASA's last one-man mission.

But the Galileo is not Space Center Houston's first foray into exhibiting science fiction artifacts.

Previous temporary exhibits have included costumes and props from the "Star Wars" movies, including a full-size Starfighter vessel and an original prop lightsaber that was flown aboard the real-life space shuttle.

"As Galileo takes it place at Space Center Houston, it does so to capture the imagination and inspire the next generations,? Allen said. ?It will serve as a tool with which we can imagine endless possibilities."

This article was corrected to reflect that Capt. Kirk was not part of the Galileo crew during the "Galileo Seven" episode.

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Windows 8 passes Vista at last, as IE10 growth slows

Windows 8 has finally overtaken Windows Vista to become the third most widely used operating system in a month that saw Internet Explorer 10's rapid growth slow down, and the gap between Firefox and Chrome close sharply.

Firefox was down 0.86 points to 18.29 percent, with Chrome up 0.59 points at 17.76 percent, bringing the two browsers within spitting distance of each other. Internet Explorer gained too, up 0.46 points to 56.61 percent. The prospect of Chrome overtaking Firefox to take the number two spot is once again with us. The two browsers last looked as though they would trade positions a year ago, before Chrome lost ground and Firefox reasserted its dominance.

Safari and Android browser maintain their dominant positions. The Chrome browser on Android is continuing to show strong growth, picking up 0.69 points last month. Internet Explorer, however, suffered significant losses, dropping 0.49 points and wiping out the gains made in May and June.

The version breakdowns for Chrome and Firefox continue the familiar trend of rapid releases and quick adoption. Internet Explorer 10 showed slower growth this month for the first time since its release. In each of the last three months, it gained more than three points of market share as Microsoft deployed the browser via Windows Update as an automatic update, the first time a new Internet Explorer version was delivered automatically from day one. The result was relatively swift adoption of the new browser. However, in July, this growth has slowed down, with Internet Explorer 10 adding only 1.81 points of share. Correspondingly, Internet Explorer 9 saw its smallest drop of the last few months, falling just 2.03 points.

Finally, we knew that it was likely to happen in July, and it did: Windows 8 overtook Windows Vista. The new operating system is still far behind Windows 7 and Windows XP in terms of take up, though it might soon start to challenge the size of the entire OS X install base.


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Friday, August 2, 2013

Video: AIG's CEO: 'Our businesses are producing good earnings ac...

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Zimbabwe poll monitors allege problems

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) ? A poll monitoring group in Zimbabwe says it has found a "wide range of problems" in elections there and that the poll was compromised by a campaign to stop voters from casting ballots.

Solomon Zwana, head of the Zimbabwe Election Support Network, made the comments Thursday, a day after the election pitting longtime President Robert Mugabe against his rival Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

The monitoring group says as many as 1 million out of more than 6 million eligible voters were not on voters' lists.

Mugabe has denied allegations of vote-rigging as a smear campaign by opponents.


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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Researchers successfully spoof an $80 million yacht at sea

[unable to retrieve full-text content]A radio navigation research team discovered they could subtly coerce a 65-meter superyacht off its course, using a custom-made GPS device. The purpose of the experiment was to measure the difficulty of carrying out a spoofing attack at sea and to determine how easily sensors in the ship's command room could identify the threat.


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Pirlo and Bonucci try out for Stanford's football team

[VIDEO PICK: Magic Feet] Andrea Pirlo and Leonardo Bonucci showed off their American football skills with Rose Bowl champion Stanford Cardinal prior to Juventus' game against Everton on Wednesday night.

Juve has brought its full complement of stars to the United States for the Guinness International Champions Cup, none bigger than Pirlo, the man with one of soccer?s greatest right feet, and its most envied beard.

With Juve training in Palo Alto for Wednesday?s game in San Francisco, Pirlo and Bonucci decided to try their hand at this quaint football game of ours that requires headgear. The 6-foot-4 central defender looks like a prototype quarterback, until he throws the football, while Pirlo ?runs? routes as a receiver.

Stanford?s coaches eventually realize there might be one position these guys were born to play. If your local NFL team needs a kicker on short notice, it could do a lot worse than Andrea Pirlo -- and his legendary beard ...


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