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WSOF 6: Carl Upsets Burkman to win Inaugural Title

MMAFrenzy’s live fight coverage of WSOF 6 concludes with our coverage of tonight’s inaugural title fight between Josh Burkman and Steve Carl. The two welterweights would battle it out in the decagon but in the end it would be Carl who walked away with the title.

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Carl Submits Burkman to win Inaugural Title

While all the talk of the WSOF welterweight title seemed focused on Burkman and Jon Fitch, it would be Steve Carl who walk away with the belt tonight in Coral Gables. Carl was tenacious tonight against the favored Burkman and he ended up finding his advantage on the ground in the later rounds. Burkman certainly had his moments early in the fight and seemed to be getting back on track in the third.

Carl would finish the fight early in the fourth round after bailing on a takedown attempt and pulling guard. Carl quickly went to work with a triangle attack and while Burkman appeared to start tapping, the referee did not stop the fight until Burkman went to sleep. Carl is the promotion’s first ever champion and has now won seven straight fights.


Rd. 1- Touch of gloves and we’re off. Carl is pressuring early on but Burkman starts firing back with hard kicks. Carl catches a kick and looks for a takedown against Burkman. Burkman turns the tables and lands a takedown of his own but Carl works back up. Burkman is landing that low kick and Carl fires a switch head kick but Burkman blocks it. Carl presses for a takedown and Burkman again gets him down. Hard elbow by Burkman in the guard and he passes to half guard off it. Carl recovers guard and Burkman lands a big punch as Carl tries to push away. Carl threatens with an arm bar and a toehold but Burkman fends it off. Burkman in half guard but Carl escapes as the round ends. 10-9 Burkman.

Rd. 2- Carl opens up the action with kicks and then he drops to single. Burkman attacks with a guillotine but Carl backs out and pulls guard to attempt a triangle. Burkman stands and kicks the legs of Carl before making him stand. Burkman lands a right and Carl responds in kind. Legkick by Burkman and he tags Carl as he shoots in. Burkman is scoring with the leg kick despite Carl checking them. Takedown by Carl into half guard and he lands some good strikes here. Burkman tries to control hands to stand but Carl recognizes and briefly has mount. Carl tees off but Burkman recovers. Hard shots by Carl now in the half guard of Burkman and he starts throwing some knees to the body now. Carl is now looking for a D’arce choke and almost has it but he scrambles into mount and tees off on Burkman as the round ends. Big round for Carl 10-9. (19-19)

Rd. 3- Headkick by Carl to start the round. Front kick to the face by Carl and he attacks with a single leg. Burkman again looks for a guillotine but Carl scrambles out and lands a nice back trip into side control. Carl has full mount now and Burkman is in trouble here. Carl looks for the arm bar but takes Burkman’s back and he has a tight one armed choke that he is gripping on the shoulder. Carl has to give it up to save position but Burkman’s face was beet red. Burkman with a single leg and he changes to a Peruvian necktie and he switches to a guillotine and sweeps to mount. Carl is fighting hands and breaks free. Elbow by Burkman but Carl secures an escape and goes for a takedown and get caught in another guillotine. Carl bails to avoid the sub and the round ends with Burkman on top. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Burkman but it is close.

Rd. 4- Touch of gloves to start the round. Carl with a takedown into side control and he sets up a Peruvian necktie but misses it. Carl with a deep triangle choke and Burkman starts to tap but ref doesn’t see it and Burkman then goes out.

Steve Carl def. Josh Burkman via technical submission (triangle choke) at 1:02 of Round 4

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