Friday, May 17, 2013

Dublin City Taxes Ohio | Tax Amnesty

Here in WV, there's lots of skiing...around Beckley or in Snowshoe. Not the traditional Spring Break fun in the sun, but very reasonable price-wise. If you like to gamble a bit, there's a greyhound racetrack near Charleston in Cross Lanes, where I'm from and in the northern part of the state near Wheeling.

PA has some interesting areas. Philadelphia is amazing! Lots of historic places to visit, many of which don't cost anything to visit. I've been there twice, once to help out kids in the inner-city and I still loved the place. Around Lancaster, there are a lot of Amish people which is a big tourist attraction, it's interesting and out-of-the ordinary. Don't go to Pittsburgh, it's smelly, although I have to admit it has great shopping(no sales tax in PA!) there's like 10 malls in the area and a nice cultural scene.

Kentucky has some really neat historic areas to visit. Carter Caves is in Carter County, kind of close to Grayson. There's a neat little hotel with a great restaurant and you can tour caves, there's a ton of different caves for every level of interest or skill. If you're into the outdoors, there are caves that really require some effort but plenty you can just walk through. This is very reasonable, I spent several vacations there during my childhood when family money was tight. Actually all of Kentucky's state parks are really nice, so maybe you could check into others if interested. Also, depending on when your Spring Break is...part of the first round of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament is in Lexington!

I actually spent my last spring break in Indiana and Ohio touring law schools.(ran into a tornado!) Don't know a whole lot about the areas but what I saw was a lot of soybeans and corn. I wasn't too impressed. There's a big thing in Dublin, OH for St. Patrick's Day. King's Island is in Cincinatti, great rollercoasters there, not sure when it opens, but that's a lot of fun. There's Cedar Point as well, in the northern part of the state. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was pretty cool in Cleveland, although I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. We got a good-priced hotel room there though. You might check to see what concerts will be happening there around the time you're going, that's how I ended up there.

Well...hope some of these float your boat, have fun!


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