Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sony Xperia Z Ultra: hands-on with a 6.4-inch Android phone (update: video)

Sony Xperia Z Ultra handson with a 64inch Android phone

Sony's been explaining the design story behind its new Xperia range at a UK briefing, how it's trying to balance both the dematerialization of tech (touchscreens, gesture interfaces) and a design that's both desirable and beautiful -- and Sony's certainly got the latter down on its new smartphone. The Xperia Z Ultra follows the lines of the rest of the Z-series. With the same "OmniBalance" plane surface of screen, this time reaching 6.4 inches but still running at 1080p resolution, it feels bigger than the original Xperia Z. You're looking at a screen width almost identical to a passport and that 6.5mm profile helps fit it into pockets -- we managed to cram it into our trouser pockets. There's also Qualcomm's notable Snapdragon 800 powering the device on a relatively large 3,000mAh battery, while Sony's simplified the design dropping a few of those much-maligned protective flaps, at least on the headphone socket. There's more impressions and a hands-on video after the break!

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