Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Let’s Crowdsource the Next North Korean Photoshop Fail

North Korea is notoriously bad at photoshopping photos of its supreme leader. An image recently released by North Korea’s state-run news agency showing Kim Jong-un and regime officials standing at a construction site is attracting ridicule for its horrendous doctoring. Clearly, the government doesn’t have the resources to fake photos like it fakes villages. Crowdsourcing to the rescue! Here, for example, North Korean officials are working with Congress to finally iron out a budget deal and get the U.S. government up and running again:


Photo illustration by Holly Allen, photo via Eric Cantor's Twitter.

Here they are providing backup vocals at the VMAs:


Photo illustration by Holly Allen, photo by Getty.

Here they are struggling to return to Earth after a cloud of space debris has destroyed their space shuttle:


Photo illustration by Holly Allen, photo by Warner Bros.

Here they are planning North Korea’s next missile launch from Fox New’s new Giant iPad Command Center:


Photo illustration by Holly Allen, photo by Fox.

Here they are working out an international meth purchase with a U.S.-based manufacturer:


Photo illustration by Holly Allen, photo by AMC.

Here they are solving the mystery of Stonehenge:


Photo illustration by Holly Allen, photo by Thinkstock.

Here, Kim Jong-un receives legal advice in the brig of the Enterprise after trying to spark a war with the Klingon Empire:


Photo illustration by Holly Allen, photo by Paramount Pictures.

Where will they appear next? With this image, now you can fake your own Kim Jong-un photos:


Photo illustration by Holly Allen.

Source: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/low_concept/2013/10/north_korea_photoshop_fail_submit_your_own_fake_photo.html
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