Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Shrinking Google Web Results Real Estate | CanuckSEO

Okay I too have noted that as of late, most of our SEO reporting has been on new Google changes ? and today?s post is in that same vein and if I had to mention why that is, it?s because Google is changing. That?s not news for us Canadian SEO types, but many SMBs we consult to think it odd that no sooner is one tactic hypothesized, tested, proved and then installed ? than things change. Welcome to the world of search is all I can say?.

But back to today?s post on the actual page layout algo that Google currently is using and it?s recent update and what that means for us SEO practitioners and all you SMB owners out there. But first, my post is based on a recent post by the fine folks over at ? but I?ve no idea as to which of their staff wrote this post here?. Great piece. Got me a measuring too and while my own numbers varied slightly from there?s?.it?s no doubt that organic search is now a small piece of the overall web results real estate.


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