Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lyrical's Weekly Writing Prompts

Hey guys!

Alright, so here's the deal. I can't roleplay as much as I want to so I've created this forum post/thread in hope that it will be successful sometime along the line. I've heard from a little birdie that there are others in my position. Those who would like to write but don't have the time and/or dedication to roleplay. For me, I just seemed to have a bit of a lost interest.

Anyway, off of the rambling, I've decided to make a weekly writing prompt. Here, I will post a weekly topic or something of the sort. It may be a story, a sentence, a quote, a picture...anything that I (or any of my helpers) will pick. There won't be many rules in this little prompt. It's creative writing, so let your imagination run wild. I want it to run wild. I want to see what YOU come up with. What YOU think will happen or what you think the story is. So, yes, that's it, I suppose.

If a story seems EXTREMELY good, you may get a little treat or something. I haven't really thought that part out yet. But I know that you don't need anything to get your creative juices flowing in your head, so do me a favor and just write to your hearts content.

For rules...yeah here, I guess:

1) Write in third person point of view. Please? It's easiest for me to follow.
2) Keep cursing to a minimum (no F-bombs)
3) There is a minimum post limit of 500 words per post, though that wouldn't really be a story, would it? But that's the minimum. Maximum is however and whenever you want to stop :)
4) Please, don't be disrespectful. If you are going to do some OOC, please put whatever you're going to say in parenthesis

I have some backup people...or case I miss a week or something. I have a busy life as do many other people. I will keep up with this as best I can every week. And I expect all of you to help me with this!

So...I guess that's it for now. And as of right now...HERE IS YOUR FIRST WRITING PROMPT!

Tell this story: "There it was, as beautiful and mysterious as s/he remembered: The Rift. The place where it all began."



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