Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nokia Siemens Networks sells visual networking business

Nokia Siemens Networks is offered a visual networking business section to private investment organisation Marlin Equity Partners, a latest in a array of sell-offs as a businessman concentrates on mobile broadband networks.

The dual companies didn?t announce any financial sum of a deal, though a understanding will outcome in a Optical Networks business section apropos an eccentric company, according to a matter from Nokia Siemens published on Monday.

As a outcome of a transaction, adult to 1,900 employees from a visual business section and compared functions are approaching to send to a new company. They are mostly formed in Germany, Portugal and China, a matter said.

The designed transaction is another step in a mutation of Nokia Siemens Networks into a mobile broadband specialist.

Earlier this year a association sealed a sale of a IPTV resources to Belgacom and Accenture; a x-ray ride business to DragonWave, and a bound line Broadband Access business unit, compared veteran services and network government solutions, to Adtran.

The concentration on mobile broadband seems to have helped Nokia Siemens spin a corner.

Helped by operators commercializing LTE in Japan, it upheld Alcatel-Lucent to turn a number-two LTE businessman during a third entertain by income from radio entrance networks, according to marketplace investigate association Dell?Oro Group.

Ericsson was a largest LTE vendor, Dell?Oro said.

Also, Nokia Siemens? net sales increasing by 3 percent year on year during a third quarter, and final year?s third-quarter handling detriment of ?114 million (US$148 million) became a ?182 million handling distinction in a same duration this year, Nokia reported.

Nokia Siemens? visual networking section especially sells DWDM (dense wavelength-division multiplexing) equipment, that is used in user fortitude networks. Its foe includes a likes of Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Cisco Systems and Huawei Technologies.

The new visual networking association will be headquartered in Munich, Germany. The transaction is approaching to tighten in a initial entertain of 2013.

Source: http://youloverandom.com/nokia-siemens-networks-sells-optical-networking-business/

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