Friday, January 11, 2013

Merck [India] launches ?SAY NO To Sab Chalta Hai? social campaign

The Performance Materials Division of Merck [India], today, announced the launch of its social campaign SAY NO To Sab Chalta Hai, aimed at empowering the end consumer to explore new possibilities and challenge convention. With the objective of creating awareness amongst consumers about unsafe and low-quality products, this campaign will persuade them to demand good quality products with enhanced aesthetics. The campaign will culminate with the winners getting a chance to partner with renowned independent experts from the fields of design, spaces and allure (beauty), to develop products that stand for quality and authenticity.

A first-of-its-kind consumer awakening initiative, the campaign will inspire people to demand and ask for products that make life better, safer and more enriching. Through the voice of India?s youth, Merck will bring forth some of the most important aspects that deserve media and consumer attention. The campaign will highlight issues like the use of low quality ingredients in beauty products (cosmetics, skin care and personal care) as well as hazardous chemicals in plastic products such as buttons and toys, while also raising awareness around the growing market for counterfeit products. The campaign is also designed to enlighten consumers about the various unique possibilities in design and colour effects for automotive and interior paints, cosmetics, packaging, etc., to help consumers demand superior products and make better choices.

Speaking on this campaign, Siddhartha Sengupta, Head Performance Materials Division, Merck [India] commented, ?At Merck [India], our aim has always been to educate consumers and help them make informed decisions by offering them wider choices. Through the ?SAY NO To Sab Chalta Hai? campaign, we want consumers to get aware of harmful ingredients used in different products and also make them conscious of the different and unique possibilities that are available to them. We have woven together a community of experts from different design and product disciplines, who have volunteered to educate interested consumers, students, and business aspirants on the availability and usage of better ingredients in products. Our aim is to eventually create an ecosystem of manufacturers, experts, and consumers by leveraging the power of collaboration, and unleashing a world of high-quality lifestyle product offerings in the Indian market.?

As a part of this campaign, college students from across the country will participate in a flash mob contest. Groups of students from different colleges will organize flash mobs in their social milieu and highlight a cause from the list mentioned on the website. The students have to shoot a video of their flash mob activity and upload it to the contest website for evaluation. Through these flash mobs, consumers will witness college students from all over the country come together to voice their opinion on the mediocre and harmful products available in the market today; demanding more choices and better possibilities. The winning team would be awarded a grand cash prize of Rs.2 lakh; while those in the second and third places stand to win Rs.1.5 lakh and Rs.50,000, respectively. That?s not all; the first prize winners will also have an opportunity to partner with renowned independent experts from the fields of either design or spaces or allure (beauty), to develop a product that stand for quality and authenticity.

To flag-off the campaign, Merck [India] successfully concluded Phase One of this activation with some college groups at prime western railway stations in Mumbai. This campaign takes off from the encouraging response to Merck India?s co-creation and collaborative portal,, which was launched in January 2012. Through this initiative, Merck wants to spread the message of, ?Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. It's time for you to 'SAY NO To Sab Chalta?.


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