Friday, January 11, 2013

TCL shows off MoVo Google TV box, 'China Star' 110-inch 4K TV

TCL shows off MoVo Google TV box, 'China Star' 110inch 4K TV

Chinese manufacturer TCL has a rather significant showing at CES 2013, with a number of TVs and TV-related products. We're not sure if we'll be seeing any of these debut in the US, but among them were a 110-inch "China Star" 3D 4K TV that's got a brand tie-in with Iron Man 3, and its MoVo Google TV product. Its Google TV set-top box is powered by the same Marvell Armada 1500 SoC as many others, but features a custom skin and uses facial recognition to provide personalized experiences for every family member. It seemed to run equally to other Google TVs, although we wonder if that custom skin may slow down the pace of future updates. Also on display in the booth are TCL's iCE Screen that debuted last year, and its super thin V101 Blade TV. There's more details on the products in the press release after the break, as well as some in person pics (including the 36+ sq ft China Star and accompanying costumed Iron Man) in the gallery.

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