Saturday, January 19, 2013

PFT: Arians named new Cardinals head coach

Philadelphia Eagles Introduce Chip KellyGetty Images

For 14 years, Eagles coach Andy Reid had final say over the team?s roster.? Today, it?s not clear who holds that power.

New Eagles coach Chip Kelly was asked whether he has final say on Thursday, and he didn?t answer the question directly.

?My role right now is clearly defining what we want,? Kelly said at his introductory press conference.? ?What is a cornerback?? What are we looking for?? What?s the height? What?s the weight?? What?s the speed?? What?s the makeup of each individual position here?? Then in collaboration with everybody here, not one person can do it all.? I?ve heard questions [indicating] that I want control over this, control over that.? That has never been an issue, never is an issue for me.? I?m a football coach.? I?m not a general manager.? I?m not a salary cap guy.? I coach football.? I need people who can go out there and say, ?Hey this is what you want. These are the people.?? And it?s going to be a collaboration.? We?re all going to be on the same page.? I?ve got no delusions of saying that I want all these different titles.? I just want to coach football.?

In other words, Kelly apparently doesn?t have final say over the roster. ?Or he doesn?t want anyone to know that he does, given that he has zero experience at the NFL level, in any capacity.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie didn?t address the issue of final say during the press conference.

Presumably, G.M. Howie Roseman possesses final say if Kelly doesn?t.? There?s also a chance that neither do, and that if Kelly and Roseman can?t work things out, the tie will be broken by Lurie.


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